I made a YouTube account!

So here is a little shocking news, I finally decided to make a YouTube account!
Firstly, I made this for pure entertainment. I don’t plan to stay small or go big online but I do hope what I share would be useful, funny and exciting things for people to see.

I honestly don’t know anything about video making and how all of this editing things work. I only use what I have and the best out of it. I used a Movie Maker for Windows 7 and the typical Kalimba song background for a first try because that was the only music on my laptop.

I hope this turns out well and I feel a lot more comfortable when it comes to writing so I’m gonna explain further here about me. I won’t go too personal but this is the farthest I can go with explaining who I am 🙂

Yohana Waka-waka is a nickname I got back in junior high. I wanted to keep it because it is an easy name to recognize and remember. I am purely Indonesian, born in Batam, grew up in Doha – Qatar for about 6 or 7 years and moved back to Medan, North Sumatra – Indonesia *please don’t ask why. Again, personal reasons! It took me about a year and a half to finally accept the way things are in this place, sometimes I still deny it and can’t help myself but get frustrated over how things work here in Medan. But before I start, I just want to say Happy Chinese Lunar New Year to all my Chinese descent friends celebrating in Medan because apparently they all went back home also known as pulkam *pulang kampung/mudik and Medan is probably gonna be really empty or either a big traffic on the roadways.

I will be making videos for lots of things, I might even make some random videos.

I have nothing in mind for my next video so far, so I wouldn’t mind if you could leave a comment and give me some ideas.

Thank you!




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