Christmas Eve


From today and onwards I’ll be posting pictures or little thoughts that I write in form of words down here.

Firstly, as you can tell from my blog name that I am Hana! 🙂 Also known as the happy one. In here, I’d like to keep all of my good memories to help me erase the bad thoughts. This is my alter ego, the positive side of me. The one where anyone can see that I do, as a human, have a big fat heart that is willing to give in and give it a little love out here. You know what I’m sayin’? Hehe

Anyways, I hope you like this portfolio because I, myself, am really looking forward to it!

I wish you all the best, have a good day and God bless 😉

Weds, 24th December 2014 – Doha, Qatar


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