Marching through March all the way!

Hello, my dear readers!

A new month has come and you’re probably wondering why I would call it marching March? Well, I want to keep marching on no matter how far I will go to reach my goals this month and whatever obstacle I’ll have to face up with.

It’s actually the 3rd day and that makes me kind of late posting this but no matter how busy I get, I wanted to always at least try and post monthly on this new blog of mine. Although it is only the third day and I already face so many weird things that really challenged me today.

I woke up this morning around 5.30AM and realise I haven’t prepared for the next day at all. So I started fussing about the room and packed my stuff. I put my books in my grey bag, got in and out of the shower as fast as I can, and as I was about to put on my uniform, the skirt I wore from yesterday had its button off of the skirt, so I had to sew it but I had no needle or thread with me. I ended up going to school late trying to figure out ways to wear the skirt without embarrassing myself at school. I wore my belt over it and made sure it was hugging tightly around my waist and headed for school. I arrived exactly after the first lesson had finished and Miss J was looking towards the gate where I was coming from,

“Hana, why are you so late at this time?!” she yelled from afar and I gave her the guilty look and simply shut my mouth as I walk towards the 3 strict yet lovely student councilors. Miss Y was in front of me and started asking for a reason to write why I came late, she then ended up writing “Telat bangun” (Woke up late) on my slip to get into the next class even after I had explain the whole story, just to quick up the pace of the process. The councilors all knew that I lived nearby and it should take around 5 minutes for me to walk to school so I understand why they felt very disappointed that I came late today. None believed I came late due to the matter of my small issue with the skirt’s buttons-up. I sighed and let it go as I walk to class, the glare was behind me creating a shadow in front of me every time I walk. Uh-oh, I am seriously late. (Udah kesiangan)

I saw Mr. B walking and I tried to approach him but he looked at me for a while, then shook his head in disappointment which made my smile fade away as I was about to greet him a good morning. Well, that didn’t go as planned. Errr…

I walked into the classroom and Miss E was standing still in front of her table. I handed her the slip and she made the same reaction Mr. B did, just this time she looked straight at me through her incredibly thickly dark brown eyes which sometimes gives me goosebumps. I sat then noticed everyone has brought in their Reading Explorer 4 book which I had lost back at a plaza since a month ago with a bunch of friends, in the girls toilet! I kept coming back, asking for the janitor to help me find it but none would want to make an act and help me out and so I gave up searching for it, since a month or more has passed. It was all useless so I just waited til the day I needed that book again, I’ll go copy a friend’s. Unfortunately, today was the day and thankfully I have explained to my English teacher that I had lost mine and I will photocopy it from a friend, as soon as I can. So when she saw me empty-handed (literally) she just turned around and continue walking back and forth around the class and reading the paragraphs out of the page of the book in her hand.

Thankfully, English class went smooth but I got really sleepy while trying to hide and at the same time study for PKN


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